Xbox Series S Does Not Support Xbox One X Enhancements

Fine, I’ll Make My Own Enhancements!

A lot of parents may be asking some questions around the holiday season regarding the Xbox Series X, V, S, and all other letters of the Xbox Series alphabet. Seriously, how many of these things is Microsoft going to make? Good thing they can only make 26. When Xbox One X came out, it made enhancements to certain games including 4K graphics, better load times, and other good stuff. If you decide to get the Xbox Series S this holiday season, obviously you will be paying less compared to the X, but there are a couple of other differences.

Xbox Series S

First of all, it’s white. That’s important if you want all your consoles to match. Secondly, the Xbox Series S does not use the same enhancements as Xbox One X when playing games. It makes it’s own version of the enhancements. 4K was a big deal as an Xbox One X selling point, but the Series S will not support 4K. It was made as an affordable alternative that would still run games at 1440p and 60fps, but no 4K. It will still benefit from other enhancements like better load times and smoother frame rates though.

Your graphics will only be as good as your display anyway, so if you don’t have a 4K monitor or TV, the Xbox Series S might be all you need. Only shop for what you need. Hopefully, if you are a parent or someone shopping for a gamer, this clears some things up. Both the Xbox Series S and X will be coming out on November 20th.

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