PUBG Mobile Gets Exclusive Livik Map

Livik Is Exclusive to PUBG Mobile

Update 0.19.0 for PUBG Mobile is adding an exclusive map for mobile gamers known as Livik. The new map has Nordic inspiration and includes weapons and vehicles that are exclusive to the map. The update is in preparation for the Season 14 battle pass which releases on July 14th and players who update before July 13th can get bonuses including a “Nightmare Helmet.” Spark the Flame is a gameplay mode on offer in Classic Mode for the Erangel and Miramar maps and it’s themed around season 14. PUBG Mobile is available for free on iOS and Android right now, with season 14 coming soon.

The exclusive PUBG Mobile map, Livik, is on the smaller side of battle royale maps. Livik is 2km on all sides and supports up to 52 players for 15-minute match times, providing a quicker experience on the go than Erangel or Miramar. Among the exclusive vehicles for Livik is a monster truck that’s more flashy than it is agile. Tencent is also planning to add a special event featuring “Experimental Trial Weapon Crates” containing special weapons that have better stats sometime soon, but they haven’t announced a date as of now.

Another themed mode will be added to PUBG Mobile soon known as The Ancient Secret and availability times for modes like Payload are being adjusted as well. The Guncraft feature is also getting some adjustments with the new update, letting PUBG Mobile gamers completely customize their favorite weapons. While we’re excited to make our guns look more unique, we’re even more interested in dropping into the new Nordic-themed Livik map and driving around in a monster truck in PUBG Mobile.

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Source: Game Rant