Bots Coming to PUBG on Consoles

It’s Okay to Be a PUBG Noob on Console

Console fans of PUBG may see some easily killed enemies on the battlefield soon, don’t be alarmed! PUBG Corp. will be adding bots to the console version of the popular battle royale game so that noobs can still get kills before inevitably dying at the hands of a more experienced player who joined the same match. While players won’t be dropping into maps that are exclusively cluttered with bots, it’s likely that adding bots will help retain new players, extend kill streaks of higher skilled players and help populate the 100 person maps. PUBG is available for Xbox One and PS4, which is where gamers will find the AI controlled bots, and it’s also available on PC and mobile.

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While hardcore PC and mobile PUBG players won’t have to worry about AI controlled bots scattered around their battlefields, console players will get the Titanfall treatment in upcoming matches. While the most recent update brought Vikendi back to the game, the new update will be filling such maps with bots whenever necessary. This apparently will be based on the skills of players in a match, suggesting there’s an algorithm that calculates the median level of players in a match and decides whether or not to add the less skilled bots to any given match.

The bots being added to PUBG on console follow navigation meshes, creating boundaries for them to play within which prevents them from inadvertently killing themselves. While the navigation meshes will have the AI bots searching for environmental hazards, they may be more susceptible to shooting from enemy players. The AI bots will be able to calculate bullet physics when returning fire, so they may be overpowered at a distance.

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Source: wccftech