PUBG Corp Trying to Refine Blood Effects in PUBG

PUBG Blood Effects Are Still Being Worked On

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds uses blood effects to notify gamers of successful hits on their foes, unlike other games that use hit-markers and numbers to notify them. The PUBG community has voiced their displeasure in PUBG Corp.’s attempts at fixing the system has actually made it worse. The company tried to improve the blood effects in December, having to issue a hotfix for it since then, but many in the community still say the effects were better than the current ones. PUBG is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mobile now.

pubg blood effects

Blood effects have been an important aspect of PUBG since it released on PC, then later on consoles and mobile. In January, PUBG Corp. shared a detailed breakdown of all the blood effect changes they’ve made and what’s to come in the future. “After roll-out, we came across a few concerns thanks in part to community reporting. One of the main points being that the new blood effect was harder to see than before. After the blood effect update, it was reduced in size and visibility, making it difficult to see at distances or unclear when characters were in the shadows.”

The PUBG Corp. statement continued: “we deployed a hotfix on December 23rd to increase the size and visibility of the new blood effect and to fix the issue with incorrect blood colors displaying under various lighting conditions. Even with the hotfix, there is still feedback from the players that the visibility of the blood effect is still not clear compared to the original version.” The developer also mentioned that they’ll improve the overall quality of the blood effects in the game by adjusting the colour of the blood effect, the rate at which the effect occurs , and the overall texture of the effect.

Are you a PUBG fan who doesn’t like what PUBG Corp. has done with the blood effects? Which battle royale do you think has the best effects? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Game Rant