PUBG Crossplay Test Begins for PS4 & Xbox One

PUBG Crossplay Comes to Consoles

With PUBG’s recent 4.3 update, players on PS4 and Xbox One can finally play together but currently only on the game’s Public Test Server. Since this PUBG crossplay feature is still a work-in-progress, players might encounter bugs and they’re encouraged to provide feedback for the feature.

PUBG crossplay

An official post about the update provided details about how crossplay works:

  • Players can now be matched with players from the other console platform with Cross Platform Play.
    • Cross party feature which allows players to party up with players from different platform is currently not supported.
    • Cross party feature is scheduled to be developed and details will be shared at a later date.
  • Cross Platform Play option can be turned on/off in “Settings – Gameplay – General Settings”.
  • If a match cannot be found after a certain time with Cross Platform Play option “off”, players will be prompted if they want to switch the Cross Platform Play option “on”.

There are also in-game icons that indicate which platform players are currently using and the game’s leaderboards will include these icons.

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