PUBG Map Karakin Gets More Loot Crammed Into It

Release the Karakin

A couple of weeks ago, PUBG debuted Karakin on the test sever; a 2 kmĀ² map. It’s the smallest PUBG map yet, and as you may well know from other shooters; the smaller the map, the more intense the fight, the quicker the match. Apparently, the player/weapon ratio was too high on Karakin, despite the player number reduced to 64. Players felt that they did not have enough time to collect weapons good to defend themselves with before getting put down. Whether you chalk that up to whining or not, PUBG Corporation did something to fix it.


On January 23rd, a day after Karakin was released publicly on PC, a hotfix was implemented that affected the way weapons spawn. In their blog post, they laid out the improvements:

  • Increased 2x, 3x, 4x scopes
  • Increased healing/boost items above ground
  • Increased SR/DMRs above ground
    • Modified ratio of total SR/DMR muzzle attachments due to increased spawn rate of those weapons
  • Decreased number of melee weapons, canted sights and magazine attachments
  • Removed Sawed-off from Karakin

Melee weapons are usually used when you don’t have a proper gun or ammo, so it would make sense that they are the first group of weapons to suffer reductions in favour of guns. The gist of the changes is that more items that give players a fighting chance have increased spawns. Console players do not yet have access to Karakin, but on January 30th, when it launches, it will likely already be updated with these improvements. PUBG Season 6 has kicked off. PUBG is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: PUBG