The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Is Built for VR

New Video Shows off the Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

A new twenty minute video of The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners showed off gameplay that PlayStation fans can expect from the upcoming PSVR release which is already available on some units. The video focuses on exploration, interactions with NPCs and the environment with an as the player does a quest. The game offers dialogue trees, lots of voice acting and a dark and foggy environment. The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners is available now on PC and multiple compatible VR headsets and it will be releasing on PS4 and PSVR later this year.

walking dead saints & sinners

Gamers will have to manage their inventories as well as their connections to NPCs by completing quests for them and conversing with them. The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners was apparently built for VR and the simple interface showed off during the gameplay video heavily suggests that’s the case. The video does show off a little bit of zombie killing, most of it being stealth orientated where the player deals easy killing blows. One zombie puts up a bit of a fight, forcing the player to push it off of them before stabbing it in the eyeball.

The zombies that were shown off in the gameplay video for The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners had familiar visuals for zombie fans and a guttural groan that will send chills down anyone’s spine but we’d like to see a bit more variety in their aesthetics. Gamers will search through abandoned homes for supplies, read notes that are scattered throughout the world and upgrade their arsenals as they explore the post apocalyptic zombie wasteland.

Are you eagerly downloading The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners on your VR unit? Will you be waiting for a price drop or the PSVR release? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt