The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 Tips

Saints & Sinners 2 Tips – Zombie Killing Etiquette

Saints & Sinners 2 aka The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners 2 – Retribution (S&S2), is not only one of the longest video game titles, it is also the follow up to one of the best VR games. The first game, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (S&S1), set the bar for first-person shooter zombie games.

S&S2 has already been released on one VR platform, the Quest 2, back on November 2022. It is a testament that Skydance Interactive could keep the physics intact while making graphical compromises. You can see how well Skydance Interactive did if you check out our review of it – here.


On the PSVR 1, S&S1 set the bar for physics based zombie combat. It vied with Resident Evil 7 for the number one all time PSVR 1 game. Quite a feat to go head to head with an AAA game. What makes S&S1 so good is its implementation of VR controls coupled with the in-game physics. S&S1 made the best use of the PS Moves, overcoming the lack of any analog controls as best possible.

Now, with the launch of PSVR 2 in February 2023, Skydance Interactive can now implement Saints and Sinner with no compromises to their vision. The PSVR 2’s inside/out tracking and Sense Controllers – with analog joysticks and haptic feedback – and the processing power of the PS5 are up to the task.

S&S2 expands on the first game with new weapons, new gameplay mechanics, including verticality, night missions, and an expanded world to explore and survive. With the game now available on the three main platforms: standalone, PCVR, and console via the PSVR 2 – here are some tips to keep in mind:

1) Play PSVR 2 or PCVR version

All versions of the game are worth playing, but if you want the premium experience, get the PCVR or PSVR 2 version. The graphical upgrade over the Quest 2 is vast. Better lighting, more details, more characters, and better textures, make for a better gaming experience.

Do you prefer to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster on a postage stamp display or on the biggest and best IMAX theater possible? You may find this hyperbolic but check out comparison videos on the internet of the different game versions to see for yourself. The PSVR 2 and PCVR versions are close graphically, but how well the PCVR looks will depend on your PC power and which PCVR headset you have.

2) Extra Consideration – PSVR 2 For The Win

It cannot be overstated how much the haptics and force feedback of the controllers and headset add to the immersion. Playing the same game on the Quest 2 now feels so…. flat.

3) Look Up, Look Way Up

S&S2 introduces a new type of verticality to the gameplay cycle because now zombies on levels above can drop down to the level you are on. Look out for overhead walkways or elevated areas with broken or missing railings. Otherwise, a zombie could literally drop in on you.

4) Night Raids

Another new gameplay wrinkle is night missions. Night Missions offer a greater risk/reward angle. Accepting night missions leads to better rewards and loot, but you need proper preparation. Zombies are more numerous at night, and way more aggressive.

Thankfully, the game allows you to reclaim your backpack if you can reach it safely on the next try. If you don’t, then say bye-bye to everything you own.

5) Flashlight UV mode

To help with your night missions, your flashlight comes with a dual mode. You can use it in standard mode to light up your surroundings, but don’t overlook the UV mode. The UV mode is especially useful at night to allow to see items not easily visible in the dark.

6) Keep your guard up

And keep it up at all times. Nothing is more frustrating than getting killed because you let your situational awareness drop. This can happen while looking at a map or trying to reload a weapon when you think the coast is clear. If you die, you lose all your possessions.

7) Be selective with your item retrieval

Exploration of the world is a worthy and fun pursuit outside of the main storyline. There are a lot of items to collect for crafting and a lot of it is junk. There’s only so much space in your backpack. Be selective with what you pick up, especially at the beginning of your scavenging run. As you make your way back to a skiff to return home, you will find ample material to fill up your backpack.


8) Saints & Sinners 1 Is Also Available for PSVR 2

Coinciding with the launch of S&S2, the original game has a PSVR 2 upgrade too. If you own the PSVR 1 version of the game, The Tourist Edition can be upgraded for free and the standard version of S&S1for $10. If you want the full Saints and Sinners experience it’s a good idea to play both games.

So now forewarned, grab your gear and get busy!