Opening Beta Tests Have Begun for The Walking Dead: Betrayal

Open Beta Tests for The Walking Dead: Betrayal Are Being Held

The Walking Dead: Betrayal, a third-person action game, lets players identify the traitor among them. This weekend, gamers will undoubtedly get to experience the action game. This game is distinct from previous social deduction games due to the survivors’ and traitors’ unique abilities and weaponry.

The action game will undoubtedly pique players’ curiosity in the zombie genre and provide a unique co-op experience. Eight players, also known as survivors, can participate in the game. They cooperate to acquire the necessary supplies and flee from a pack of walkers. The traitor who is undermining their plans must also be eliminated.

TheWalking Dead: Betrayal

The Walking Dead: Betrayal’s open beta testing is underway and will go through August 28, 2023, at 9 a.m. PT. Through The Walking Dead: Betrayal’s Steam website, players may create accounts and log in to test out the third-person action game. They must join the game’s Discord channel to acquire the most recent updates.

Recently, Skybound Games also posted a “How to Play” video to provide gamers with some quick advice on how to play and have fun. The tools and abilities players employ to accomplish their objectives in the game are distinctive. Additionally, players can utilize special skills and abilities unique to each character, adding depth and variety to the gameplay experience.