PUBG Will Soon Be Allowing PS4 and Xbox One Users to Team Up Through Cross-Play

Making Friends On Different Consoles? 

Last year the developers behind Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds implemented cross-play to everyone who was using the PS4 and Xbox One. This was a nice gesture as the ability to play with other players on different consoles has now become the norm for many large multiplayer games. However, when cross-play for PUBG was introduced, it turned out that players on other consoles could play against one another in-game, but they could not team-up. This is now going to change thanks to an upcoming patch.

PUBG crossplay

This new cross-play update is scheduled to go live on March 3. Once this goes live players on both the Xbox One and PS4 will be able to play in squads, duos, and even the new Team Deathmatch mode that was recently added. It will truly behave like you are all playing on the same console. Note that the Deathmatch game mode will be added alongside the enhanced cross-platform play.

PUBG has not had the best time venturing over to console, it is nice to see that they have not totally abandoned ship. The console versions of the infamous battle royale giant were, and still are notoriously buggy and unpolished. Texture pop-in is a huge issue along with crashes and a myriad of other bugs. It certainly feels like the move to console was just an easy way to make a quick buck off the game’s name recognition. Regardless of the game’s problems, hopefully, the devs are able to turn it all around.

Largely credited with pushing the battle royale game mode into the mainstream, PUBG is still one of the most fun and addicting experiences out there at the moment. If you enjoy high-intensity games make sure you give it a try.