PanicArt CEO Posts Hate Speech, Wipes Twitter Account

Life Comes At You Pretty Fast

The last half of the 2010’s has been characterized by many things. One major theme of these last five years has been people saying the quiet part out loud, in a place of public record. One such example is PanicArt CEO Elias Viglione going off on Twitter about immigrants in Finland. He immediately deleted his Twitter account, but the damage was done. The screenshot is below, viewer discretion is advised! He got pretty gross, you guys.












Seriously! It’s real bad!

PanicArt CEO Twitter

The image cuts off, but you can read more about it here. Would you believe it gets even worse? Because it does! This is apparently not the first time Viglione has made comments like these, although this is easily the worst its ever gotten. He posted an apology earlier this morning, though you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a little insincere.

I was going to link to it, but it’s already been taken down! Probably because it wasn’t so much an apology for his actions as it was an explanation. Which we didn’t need. One saved quote from the text stated that “something just snapped inside me. I was in absolute anger and fear, and guess I just posted my feelings to Twitter.” You sure did, buddy! If you’re looking for more evidence of the PanicArt CEO’s character, people have been diligently saving his little outbursts for quite a while now. Maybe if sales of their games plummet into nothingness, they’ll get the message?