PUBG Has Added Ranked Matches After Latest Update Goes Live

It’s Time to Get Serious

PUBG has been around for years now and has amassed a very loyal following. However, the battle royale pioneer has always been missing one thing. While there have always been tournaments and events that have taken place, the average player could never really test their skills or talent as there was no way to measure how good they were at the game. Thankfully, this has all changed after the most recent update as ranked games make their first appearance. PUBG

Ranked games are going to be much smaller than regular. Having only 64 players in a lobby as well as only being playable on a handful of maps. Ranked players will have the choice of Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. That is it. Weapons like crossbows will be removed completely as well as the hang glider and redzones. The circle is supposedly going to close in a way that will create much more heart-pumping gameplay.

The introduction of a ranked playlist was something that the PUBG community asked for years ago. It is nice to see the developers finally get around to it. PUBG already has a very competitive and hardcore fanbase in regular games, so one can only imagine what ranked it going to look like. It will surely be packed with the absolute sweatiest PC gamers around the world. Which is really saying something.

Players that are not very familiar with PUBG or who have just bought the game will definitely want to stay away from ranked for a while. When it comes to hardcore FPS games, PUBG has one of the biggest learning curves out there. Unfortunately for casual players, this really isn’t something you can pick up and play. However, once you get the hang of it, Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds is the most rewarding game around.