PUBG May Be Around for 20 Years

PUBG Devs Want to Keep the Game Going for a While

During a recent interview PUBG Madison studio director Dave Curd claimed that the game may last another 20 years. He talked about how much of the game has changed over the years since it initially released and the team intends to keep evolving the battle royale title. The team was apparently not content to focus on cosmetic goodies after the success of PUBG and Curd encourages lapsed fans to check the game out again. PUBG is available right now for PS4, Xbox One and PC and it’s available through the extensive Game Pass lineup.

PUBG feedback

“We have our internal experiences and biases, we’re listening to the community, we’re working with esports professionals, being mindful of protecting fan favorites, we gave it all a new coat of paint,” said Dave Curd.  “The map is now taking place in the present and we want it to be easier to loot, to be easier to see and identify targets. How do we protect its essence but streamline and make it more fun, more accessible? The lessons we are demonstrating in Sanhok… you can extrapolate, those are things we can consider for future map updates. This is a game I want players to join 20 years from now, we want to keep telling stories. We want to keep providing fresh experiences. I would say anything’s possible.”

“It would have been so easy to ride this out, only sell costumes and not put so many resources into updating stability, updating how vehicles work, updating weapons not loading, these are all things we’ve been doing to ensure that the core game is healthier and healthier,” continued Dave Curd. “We’re treading lightly with new content… when we developed Sanhok, our first mission statement is it’s got to perform better than old Sanhok. Players will reject new interesting content if it plays worse. The game is a lot different right now than it was when Sanhok first came out. So I would ask players that have maybe fallen out for maybe five or six months, or a year – not to just come back for Sanhok, but to see the gains we’ve made in the rest of the game as well.”

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