PS4 Sales Flagging, Still Hit Huge Milestone

Doing Worse Than Last Year and Also Amazing

It’s good news and bad news for Sony this quarter. On the one hand, they experienced a drop in quarterly sales compared to last year. But also, they’ve hit lifetime PS4 sales numbers of 112 million units. Honestly it sounds like a win in my books.


The precipitous drop between years likely has something to do with the PS5 coming this year. Also there was a pandemic, which tends to have unpredictable effects on any business. Although usually it’s bad. The drop in question was from 3.2 to 1.9 million, which probably had some executives in a slight panic. That’s an enormous decline! Yet it’s hard to see these numbers as bad news, overall.

In fact, other areas are doing just fine. Software sales are up, with games like Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II driving the numbers forward. The total number of PlayStation Plus subscribers also spiked, with the current total sitting at about 45 million users. That’s a boatload of free games and online play! Sony’s next quarter is going to suck, however. In fact, it feels like everyone will be more or less holding their breath until the next round of consoles hit the market. Still, if you’re jazzed up by big numbers getting bigger, this is great news!