Riot Games Looking at Valorant Agent Skins

Valorant May Get Agent Skins If Riot Games Figures Out a Key Issue

Riot Games is currently looking at ways to release new Agent skins in Valorant, but they’re having one key problem with it. Valorant Senior Producer Dexter Yu recently said that the team wants to release new skins for all the Agents in Valorant, but it may mess with the competitive integrity of the game. While games like Apex Legends and Overwatch have a plethora of skins for their characters, there are examples of competitive players utilizing the altered hitbox or colours of a skin to gain an advantage. Valorant is currently available exclusively for PC, but it hasn’t been ruled out for consoles yet.

Valorant Riot Games

While Riot Games has released a plethora of skins for their various Legends in League of Legends, Valorant may not get the same treatment if the Valorant team can’t figure out how to properly balance it for competitive. The Valorant team is worried that Agent skins could potentially impact Valorant gameplay as skins can affect competitive in Apex Legends, Overwatch, etc. Changing the skin of a character often involves changing hitboxes, or making them certain colours that would be beneficial in blending in with the environment on certain maps.

The Valorant fanbase is very interested in seeing Agent skins according to Dexter Yu, but the team needs to perfectly optimize the hitboxes and consider other aspects of the skins before releasing them. Players have been using Valorant Points in Valorant to purchase skin bundles and upgrade the weapon cosmetics since the game released, as well as actual cash to get the coolest cosmetic goodies. A large portion of these gamers are apparently interested in purchasing Agent skins, but they’ll have to give Riot Games some time to optimize them before they can release.

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