Crusader and Shatter Aren’t Valorant’s New Agents

Riot Games Ends Rumors About Crusader and Shatter

Valorant’s lead character designer Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott recently took to his official Twitter account to put rumors about new Agents coming to Valorant to rest. The rumors concern two characters known as Crusader and Shatter who have been found within the game’s files by dataminer Valorant Express, who quickly concluded that they were scheduled for imminent release. Scott claims that they’re canceled characters who were cut from the game already. Riot Games’ FPS Valorant is available exclusively for PC right now.

Crusader and Shatter pop up in the datamining several times, popping up in the files from both the closed beta and the live version of the game. According to the rumors, Shatter’s primary ability would be to create a clone decoy of themselves similar to Mirage from Apex Legends, while Crusader could deploy a protective shield. While both characters sound like interesting additions to Valorant, Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott claims that they’re super old and canceled characters, suggesting that they’ll never see the light of day.

“Super old canceled characters. I’ve talked a bunch on my stream about Crusader getting the axe,” said Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott. “Y’all reading too much into files, lots of stuff cut from the game over time” While Scott has put rumors about Shatter and Crusader to rest, there are two additional Agents that have been datamined that he didn’t mention. Two Agents known as ‘Killjoy’ and ‘Bombshell’ were both found through datamining and they could still be added to Valorant eventually. Riot Games is planning to release three Agents as part of the game’s first act, with the first being the already popular Reyna.

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