Valorant Gets a Sweet But Expensive Ultra Skin Set

Riot Games Brings Elderflame to Valorant

Riot Games has officially added their first Ultra Skin Set known as Elderflame to Valorant, but it comes at a hefty cost. Valorant fans will have to pay around $100 for the dragon skins for their guns by purchasing 11,000 Valorant Points, Riot Games’ currency for the FPS. A single Ultra skin can cost Valorant gamers upwards of $25, but the Elderflame Ultra Skin Set includes four Ultra skins for different weapons. Valorant is available exclusively for the PC but Riot Games hasn’t fully ruled out a future console release.

Buying an average Ultra Skin in Valorant involves fans buying 475 Valorant Points for $5 and an additional 2050 VP for $20, but it seems like the Elderflame Ultra Skin Set just requires one big purchase of 11,000 Valorant Points. While the new dragon inspired weapon skins look very impressive, we aren’t too enthusiastic about having to drop so much money on them. Typically when bundles are made in retail, there’s a reduced price, but Riot Games’ revenue lead Joe Lee confirmed that this bundle would cost the same if the skins were purchased separately. “So the bundle is 2475 x 4 = 9900 VP,” said Joe Lee on Twitter.

There are five tiers of skins available for gamers to purchase in Valorant: Select, Deluxe, Premium, Ultra and Exclusive. The price of the skins increase as the tiers do and Ultra Edition skins are some of the most expensive microtransactions in Riot Games’ FPS. The Exclusive skins vary in price but the Elderflame Ultra Skin Set continues the theme of expensive Ultra skins. The set costs 9900 Valor Points, with the closest increment of points being 11,000 for $100.

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Source: PC Gamer