Valorant Review Bombed – Too Much Like Other Games I Like!

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Riot Games’ Valorant came out last week after a lengthy beta test during which it had broken viewership records on Twitch. Needless to say, people are liking the game. Scratch that; most people are liking the game, while a vocal minority are review bombing it. While we have seen instances of review bombings before, they were mostly in response to an action that the publisher or developer took, or to make a different unrelated point. The crowd leading the review bombing is actually the very same audience that the game is made for.


On Metacritic, Valorant stands with an 83 out of 100 among critic reviews. However, it’s user reviews clock in at 5.7 out of 10. What’s the big difference between the users and critics? Well, users can score and say whatever they like without having to have really great justifications. One of the most common complaints about Valorant according to these reviews is that it is too much like other games like CS:GO and Overwatch. Oh, you mean those wildly popular and successful shooters? How dare Riot Games make their own game that tries to fulfill the needs and wants of those fans?

I can understand if people don’t like a copycat, but these are first person shooters we’re talking about. There are not an unlimited amount of avenues to success for FPS games to take. Because Overwatch and CS:GO are beloved games, it does not make very much sense for people to dislike Valorant for being similiar, so what is the deeper root of their frustration? Some of the negative reviews also mention how anti-cheat programs make players frustrated, which is a common misconception; anti-cheat programs make cheaters frustrated. Valorant is free to play on PC.

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Source: Metacritic