Valorant Officially Releases After Lengthy Beta

Riot Games has Officially Released Valorant

Riot Games has officially released the 1.0 version of Valorant, officially releasing the fps title out of closed beta. While the launch version of Valorant includes several bug fixes and balance changes, a new agent has been added to the fight as well. A new map and new game mode has been added to the launch version of Valorant as well, although the mode will be in beta so it can receive the attention that it deserves. Valorant is currently available exclusively for PC but it’s possible Riot Games‘ FPS will end up on next-gen consoles after they release later this year.

Valorant Riot Games

The new map that launched with Valorant is known as Ascent, which is set in Venice, Italy. Most of the fighting on Ascent will take place in a large open area, creating intense action and difficult clutch wins. Alongside the new map comes a new game mode known as Spike Rush which speeds things up even more, making most matches 8-12 minutes long. In Spike Rush While the game mode features attackers and defenders, it plays more like team deathmatch and is Valorant’s go-to game mode for quick matches.

Many gamers struggled to secure beta keys to Valorant but if you’re someone who wanted to check it out but couldn’t find a key, it’s time to download it. Jett, Phoenix and Omen received some of the biggest changes as part of patch 1.0, but the game has changed quite a bit. Valorant officially launched today and although the release was announced ahead of time, the title wasn’t hit by a delay due to the current political climate. Valorant is one of many games contributing to making 2020’s Summer Game Fest the proper successor to E3 that gamers need during the global pandemic.

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Sources: Dualshockers