Valorant’s Raze Might Get Nerfed with Upcoming Patch

Valorant’s Lead Designer Talks About Nerfing One of the Game’s Most Powerful Characters

Riot Games’ new hero shooter Valorant entered closed beta earlier this month and, though its reception has been positive, there has been some criticism lodged at one of its playable characters, Raze. Players have complained that Raze’s explosive arsenal of rockets and grenades are too powerful so she needs to be rebalanced.

Well, according to a recent Polygon interview with the game’s lead designer Trevor Romleski, those Raze prayers could be answered in the upcoming first patch for the beta.


Romleski has said that the patch might change Raze’s damage output and help players dodge her attacks more easily. He told Polygon that, when compared to the in-game telegraphs of ultimate attacks of other characters, Raze’s ultimate attacks are much harder to avoid.

“And if you’re not responding very quickly, [they] can be a lot more punishing,” he explained. “So what we’re assessing right now is, what’s the right time window to react to these abilities? […] And do we give you the right visual and audio cues to respond to [them] accordingly so that you have fair counterplay against them?”

As for when the patch is coming out, Romleski didn’t give a launch date since Riot Games is still assessing which parts of the game need to be changed or kept the same.