Weyrdlets Has Started Its Closed Beta Test

Try Out Weyrdlets Right Now

The Malaysian game development studio Weyrdworks is thrilled to announce the launch of the closed beta for Weyrdlets. It is an innovative virtual pet game that seamlessly blends entertainment with daily productivity and creative relaxation. If you want to be a part of the closed beta, you can sign up for it right here.

Furthermore, the game is coming out on PC via Steam. For now, there is no release date or window. So, make sure to stay tuned for future updates.


In Weyrdlets, you will dive inside a cozy island, customize your pets and their home, and create your own haven. What sets this title apart is the fact that it integrates with your desktop. And transforms your pet into a supportive companion for your daily tasks. It has in-built productivity tools like the Pomodoro timer and To-Do list, helping you stay focused on your goals.

Here are some features of the closed beta:

– Pet interaction: Feed, pat, and play with your pet, both in-game and on your desktop.

– Pet and home customization: Personalize your pet and its surroundings with stickers, accessories, and furniture.

– Desktop mode: Bring your pet to your desktop for constant companionship during work or leisure.

– Productivity tools: Utilize the Pomodoro timer and To-Do list to enhance focus and productivity.

– Playground: Hang out with your pet in an open space and interact with toys.

– Adventure mode: Send your pet on adventures to gain knowledge and badges, shaping its personality.

– Multiplayer: Visit friends’ homes and leave sticky notes on their walls.

– Twitch integration: Viewers can use chat commands and engage with the streamer and the game directly through Twitch.

The development team is also working tirelessly to introduce even more exciting elements. This includes expanded multiplayer options, wellness tools, and bug fixes.