Riot Games’ FPS May be Called Valorant

Valorant is Riot Games’ Project A

Riot Games has filed a trademark for the name Valorant on February 20th, suggesting that this may be the name of their upcoming FPS previously known as Project A. A PlayValorant Twitter account has appeared since the name was revealed and it was immediately followed by a number of top streamers and esports players who are likely under an embargo to not speak about the upcoming title. Valorant YouTube and Twitch channels have also been created, spurring speculation that it’ll be officially announced soon. Riot Games’ most popular title to date is League of Legends which is available on Mac and PC right now.

Riot Games Valorant

As part of several recent suggestions that Valorant is Riot Games’ upcoming FPS, a number of domains such as, have been registered through a service used by Riot in the past. Some of these went up before the Valorant trademark was uncovered, meaning it’s unlikely trolling fans creating them for a quick laugh. Although Riot Games has yet to announce the name of their upcoming FPS, these accounts and domain names may be their way of teasing it ahead of an official reveal.

The community Twitter account for Valorant has over 55,000 followers which suggests that the game will release to a significant player base. Towards the end of 2019 Riot Games announced they were branching out from the MOBA genre with several new projects in different genres such as an exploratory RPG, a fighter, collectible card game and a tactical first-person hero shooter. Valorant is likely this tactical first-person hero shooter that hasn’t been showed off in-depth yet.

What’s your favorite Riot Games title? What do you expect to see from the developer in their upcoming hero shooter Valorant, aka Project A? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech