Black Desert Online Becomes Free to Play This Weekend

Free RPG’s Are Something Everyone Can Get Behind

The RPG Black Desert Online is going to be available for free this weekend on Steam. Players will have until March 2nd to cash in on this opportunity. This is a great chance for you and your friends to all download a game for free and kill a weekend together. To add the to giveaway, the developers of the game have also been kind enough to include a starter pack for those who are playing for the first time. That way you can get a bit of a head start in the game. New classes and other additions have been added too, you shouldn’t run out of things to do.

black desert mobile awakening FEATURED

The world of Black Desert could be described as a classic high fantasy. Magic, elves, goblins and other things that we have all seen in the Lord of Rings are all front and center. This is in no way a critique of the game, but do not expect to be blown away by the universe or plot. It is an IMO after all.

We have not really experienced a resurgence of the IMO genre since the golden age of World of Warcraft. It does not appear that Black Desert is going to achieve that goal, but if you are still reminiscent of the good old days, this game is for you.

Video games can be an expensive hobby, so when the chance to get your hands on a game for free comes along, you should probably take it. Even if it is only for a weekend, it is a great way to find out if you like the game or not. A luxury that is usually not granted by most developers.

You and your friends can find Black Desert Online on Steam.