Riot Games Discrimination Lawsuit Could Enter Private Arbitration

A Lawsuit Against Riot Games Might Go Into Arbitration

A gender discrimination lawsuit that was filed against Riot Games last November could be forced to go into private arbitration, according to motions filed by the development studio on Thursday.

Riot Games

According to the American Bar Association, arbitration is “a private process where disputing parties agree that one or several individuals can make a decision about the dispute after receiving evidence and hearing arguments.”

In its motions, Riot Games reportedly argued that since the plaintiffs signed work contracts that had arbitration clauses that applied to discrimination, harassment, and wage lawsuits then that means this lawsuit can legally enter arbitration.

The lawyer who represents the plaintiffs told Kotaku on Friday that he plans to fight Riot’s attempts to enter the lawsuit into arbitration. “Today’s actions only serve to silence the voices of individuals who speak out against such misconduct and demonstrate that the company’s words were no more than lip service,” the lawyer, Ryan Saba, said in a separate statement.

In a statement regarding these recent legal motions, a Riot spokesperson told Kotaku that the company remains committed to improving its workplace culture.

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