Kojima Thought He ‘Lost Everything’ After Breaking Up With Konami

Death Stranding’s Lead Developer Talks About His Split With Konami

Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima spoke about the game alongside its star, Norman Reedus, at a Tribeca Games panel held on Thursday. One of the topics that he touched on was how badly his 2015 break-up with Konami affected him.

Death Stranding

“I was creating games for 30 years, and I was very confident about creating games, but I had nothing to start with,” Kojima reportedly said. “It was from scratch. No office, no staff, no materials or things to work on, no machines. I thought I had lost everything, but I found out that I had a lot of connections. Like Sony people, like Norman [Reedus] and like Geoff [Keighley]. I really wanted to reconnect with these people that I thought were really important.”

With these industry connections, Kojima eventually realized “that I didn’t lose anything” and began working on a project that went on to become Death Stranding. “It wasn’t really hard,” Kojima said. “I was very lucky because I had all these connections…Usually, with a person working in Hollywood, if I explain just what I think in my head, they would never say ‘OK,’ to be in it, but I’m really happy that they did.”

“Mads Mikkelsen was the same; I explained verbally and he said ‘OK, I’ll be in it.’ The president of Mads’ agency said it was the first time he had said yes without any concept sheet,” he added.

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