Riot Games Allows Valorant Fans to Surrender Early

Valorant Patch 1.02 Will Make It Easier to Surrender

Riot Games has recently confirmed some new features and changes coming to Valorant during a blog post, including the ability to surrender a match. While fans don’t enter a Valorant match with the intent to surrender, it can be frustrating when they’re getting truly walloped and the match isn’t even halfway finished. Valorant fans who are sick of losing one-sided battles will be thankful when patch 1.02 adds the ability to surrender more easily. Riot Games’ FPS Valorant is currently available for free exclusively on the PC right now.

Valorant Riot Games

When asked during a recent Ask Valorant blog post whether or not surrendering will be added to the FPS, Riot Games’ Senior Producer Ian Fielding stated that, “yes! An option for early surrender will be introduced with patch 1.02. Please see our 1.02 patch notes for more info around how the system will work.” Fans who are sick of playing catch up in a game will more easily be able to leave one game for another when patch 1.02 releases.

During the Ask Valorant blog post, Riot Games was also asked whether or not unrated games will become more balanced, to which Ian Fielding and Senior Data Scientist Yilin He said, “our goal with Unrated Mode is to allow players a way to play the core Valorant game mode with any of their friends. Given this, it means there is going to be a wider range of skills in games, and that can lead to matches feeling less fair. We still have strategies to make sure we keep stomps low and matches competitive, but Unrated will generally have a slightly higher range of skills. We have taken some steps at the cost of a moderate increase to queue times in order to reduce the average disparity in matches. We hope this leads to matches feeling more balanced.”

Will you be surrendering your one-sided Valorant matches? Do you think unrated mode needs better balancing? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PC Gamer