The Head of Xbox is Feeling Confident After Seeing What PlayStation Has to Offer

Phil Spencer is Not Impressed

The Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer was recently part of a Gamelab Live interview where he was asked about Sony’s most recent conference. Spencer said that he was impressed by the performance that was put on by Sony and that he “felt good” after seeing what he was up against. Despite what some fans might feel, it would appear that both the heads of Xbox and PlayStation have quite a good relationship. Spencer added that he sent a short note of congratulations to Sony’s Jim Ryan after the conference.

Phil Spencer

Spencer went on to mention that the Xbox Series X is a superior product at least from a technical standpoint when compared to the PS5. While it is undeniable that the new Xbox has more powerful hardware than the PS5 it will still be an uphill battle for Microsft and Xbox to try and regain dominance once again.

There are still many questions that need to be answered for both platforms. Both Xbox and Sony have not released a price for their new consoles and there are still a handful of exclusive games that have not been announced yet. These two aspects are certainly going to play a large role in how they will be perceived by the public. Especially the price. If customers feel that they are being gouged for their money than there is a good chance that they could jump ship and join the other team. No matter how loyal they might have been previously to the other brand.

Spencer also touched on their new smart delivery system that will allow players to buy an Xbox One game and then “upgrade” it to an Xbox Series X game for no charge. It will be very interesting to see how this pans out in the coming months.