The Steam Summer Sale is Now Live

Thank You, Saint Gabe

The most highly anticipated video game sale on PC is finally here. The 2020 Steam Summer Sale is now live. This means that almost everything that is on Steam at the moment is being sold at some sort of discount. New and old, indie, and triple-a. Just about anything you can think of is on sale.

Steam Loyalty Rewards Program

Steam usually holds four major sales throughout the duration of the year however, the Summer Sale is by far the largest. Purchases made in the Steam Summer Sale will also go towards a new feature called Steam Points. These points are a currency that you can acquire for every dollar that you spend on a purchase. These points then can be spent on Steam to buy things like profile backgrounds and borders. These are strictly cosmetic but are a nice touch of customization that players can fiddle around with to make their Steam account stand out amongst a crowd.

The Summer Sale is set to take place from June 25th until July 9th. This should give you more than enough time to hunt down all the games that have caught your eye. It should also be noted that various games will go on sale and at different times throughout the event. So if you have been wanted to nab a certain game but it is not currently discounted, the best thing to do is wait it out. There is always a good chance that it will be sold at a much cheaper sooner or later.

Steam has witnessed its main competitor The Epic Games Store make a ton of progress in the past few months thanks to promotions of their own. The Summer Sale should help Steam assert is dominance over PC gaming once again. Only time will tell who walks away in one piece.