Riot Games Confirms Valorant is Free-to-play

Valorant Confirmed as Riot Games’ New FPS

As rumored, Riot Games has announced their upcoming free-to-play FPS known as Valorant. Previously known as Project A, Valorant is a 5v5 tactical FPS similar to CS: GO. The game is planned for release in the summer, with a beta period coming sooner. Riot Games and Valorant producer Anna Donlon recently hosted a hands-on preview event in which he claimed the developers are committed to a summer release window. Though there’s no exact date for the release, Valorant will be exclusive to PC like League of Legends when it comes out in the summer.

Valorant Riot Games

Riot Games has yet to confirm a date or a month in mind for Valorant to release and they haven’t confirmed whether it will have an open or closed beta so fans of the studio will have to wait to hear more from them. “We’re not going to give a definitive date yet because a lot of that is going to have to do with what we learn in our beta,” said Anna Donlon. “If we have a very successful beta, maybe earlier in the summer. If we have some kinks to work out, maybe later in the summer.”

Other than Valorant, Riot Games has another new game  called Legends of Runeterra, which is currently in open beta but is releasing in the next few months. With League of Legends continuing to dominate the MOBA market, it seems as though Riot Games is trying to branch out into other genres and may take a chunk out of the CS:GO player base. In Valorant, gamers will fight in 5v5 bomb matches that can last up to 24 rounds. Money is earned in combat and it can be used to purchase weapons and character-specific special abilities.

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Source: PC Gamer