The Division 2 on Console May Not Get Crossplay

The Division 2 Wasn’t Made With Crossplay in Mind

The Division 2 recently received title update 9.1 which brought crossplay between PC and Google Stadia but not for consoles as of now. Massive Entertainment confirmed our fears when the update went live, claiming that the game wasn’t really built with crossplay in mind and to bring it to consoles would be more complex than it may seem. Apparently consoles won’t be getting The Division 2 crossplay anytime soon according to the developers. The Division 2 is available right now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia, with the latter platforms being able to play together thanks to update 9.1.

Division 2

During a recent State of the Game update on Reddit, Massive Entertainment claimed that, “Stadia and PC have crossplay now. That is not something that will likely happen for consoles any time soon. The game was not made with crossplay in mind, so the efforts to make that happen would be quite big.” While we were hoping to play with our friends on other platforms after update 9.1 brought crossplay to PC and Stadia, we understand the complexity of bringing such a feature to a game that wasn’t built for it. It’ll be interesting to see how much of the infrastructure set by PC and Stadia could transition over to console crossplay and how much would just be scrapped.

According to developers at Massive Entertainment, they’re looking into Global Event progression such as advancements on the Reward Track and when gamers play solo versus in a group. Things such as kills will apparently be competitive but some things will be shared. These were some of many of the bug fixes that will be addressed due to fan feedback. The team will address some of these issues with the next Guardians Global Event.

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Source: Gaming Bolt