V Rising Sinks Its Fangs Into New Updates Ahead of Launch

Vampirism at its Finest 

It’s almost time to experience the world of vampires like never before. The foundations are being laid out. The crypts are preparing to open on a whole new world. Today, Stunlock Studios revealed that they are releasing major updates for their hit MMORPG, V Rising, ahead of the game’s full release. Leaving Early Access in early 2024, the game is an ever-expanding MMO experience that allows players to take on the role of vampires. A new blog post provides details on the preliminary updates to the official release. Additionally, a press release gives more information on a new realm coming soon. 

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V Rising can look forward to a vast amount of changes coming in the near future. The vampire MMO is preparing for the full launch of the game with some of the largest updates in its history. For instance, players can expect live events, revamped spell mechanics, and enhanced character customization are all on the horizon. Additionally, the team at Stunlock has been building up the foundations of the game, improving the experimental engine just in time for the release of a new area to the map. This area is full of icy mountains, new weapons, enemies, and a formidable challenge. 

“Prepare for the zenith of your Vampire saga! We’re crafting an experience that feels like the grand finale of an age-old legend, and naturally, such a grand tale requires a grander stage,” Says the blog post. 

Importantly, the updates are looking to expand the game. Of course, this means new cosmetics, new additions to the world of the game, and more. Interestingly, this is nothing new to V Rising. Considering the release of Secrets of Gloomrot earlier this year. 

V Rising is out now on Steam Early Access. The game is launching in early 2024.