Pizza Possum Chows Down With Release

A Possum’s Gotta Eat

If there’s one thing anyone knows about possums, it’s that they love food. However, it’s also pretty obvious that the world isn’t really fond of possums stealing every last crumb that they can get their possumy little hands on. Yet, as a possum yourself, you’ll have to try. Indie developer Cosy Computer and publisher Raw Fury are excited to announce that their hide-and-seek arcade game, Pizza Possum, is out now on PC and consoles. A fast-paced arcade experience, the game invites players to step into the role of a possum looking to fill their bellies. Of course, a press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, a new launch trailer gives players a look at what they can expect from the game. 

Pizza Possum

Pizza Possum puts players in a hungry game of hide and seek. As possums, gamers will try to steal and eat as much food as they possibly can without getting caught. Importantly, players are aiming to get to the dog king’s personal king-sized pizza and steal his crown. However, the king is not without guards who are on the lookout for hungry possums. Luckily players don’t have to play alone. The game supports co-op where players can play with a friend and scurry about a large 3-D island. 

Of course, players can check out the new launch trailer for a look at the game. View the trailer below. 

Pizza Possum is out now on PC via SteamPlayStation 5Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. So are you ready to paw some pizza?