Crossplay Important for Apex Legends According to Devs

Respawn Entertainment May Bring Crossplay to Apex Legends After All

During a recent interview, Respawn Entertainment general manager Dusty Welch and game director Chad Grenier spoke positively about crossplay. The team has been interested in bringing the crossplay feature to their successful battle royale title but it still hasn’t received the important feature. The devs mention that crossplay is almost an expected feature from games now that Sony has taken it out of their beta phase so we can expect to see crossplay on Apex Legends sooner or later. Apex is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC right now, with The Old Ways being the latest event added to the online multiplayer experience.

Apex Legends Respawn

“I think on crossplay we see it’s something that is kind of expected in the industry and is important to a game like ours,” said Dusty Welch. “Chad and I are obviously big fans of playing our game at work and in our free time – and we go home on a Friday or weekend and want to play with each other and we’re on different systems.” This is a story that sounds familiar to anyone with friends on other platforms so we hope to see Apex Legends receive the crossplay treatment sooner rather than later.

:”On a personal level, yes, we’d love to do that and party up on the weekends. I think it’s an important thing to get to.” While Respawn Entertainment has spoken highly of crossplay capabilities in the past, when they speak of its importance right now, it could be something the team is actively working on. “It’s definitely something we’re aware of and interested in. I can’t speak to whether or not we’ve had specific conversations,” claimed Respawn design director Mackey McCandlish during a separate interview. No matter which dev is representing Respawn Entertainment, it seems like they’re all united in wanting crossplay in Apex Legends.

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Source: VG24/7