PlayStation Now Unveils New Games Like Spiderman and Just Cause 4

More Triple-A Titles Added to PlayStation Now

Like most large gaming companies PlayStation has also dipped its toe into subscription services with the introduction of PlayStation Now. For a small monthly subscription fee, customers get access to a dizzying array of games ranging from obscure indie titles to blockbuster hits. This April a handful of new games have just been added and they should not disappoint. These games also reach across consoles. Games from the PS4, PS3, and PS2 are all available. If you are a diehard PlayStation fan, this service is a no brainer for you.


The first and most exciting of the new games is going to be Marvel’s Spiderman. A Sony exclusive, this game first debuted in 2018 and was met with praise from both the critics and fans alike. Many people were calling it one of the most compelling reasons to switch over to the PS4. Superhero games are not for everyone, but there is something about the presentation and polish of the game that you do not see anywhere else. Whether you are a fan of Peter Parker or not is beside the point. It is a great game that needs your attention.

Secondly is Just Cause 4. This is the lastest in the Just Cause series and has a lot to offer to both long time fans of the franchise as well as newcomers. Just Cause 4 is filled to the brim with over the top action and movie-like sequences. Sometimes it feels as though Micheal Bay has had a hand in the making of this game. If you enjoying blowing things up and causing mindless mayhem you are not going to want to miss out on this.

Other games that have been added include The Golf Club 2019, Wolfenstein, and Control.