Obsidian Drops A Ton of Grounded Details

Including A Trailer!

Obsidian’s Grounded is coming to Xbox this summer! Well, more or less. Obsidian was nice enough to gift us with some more details about the upcoming backyard survival game. Like, you’re going to have a robot pal to keep you alive. And also the early access version of the game will feature an incomplete story?

This isn’t all that unusual. Games come out in chunks all the time, especially if things like patches and bug testing are being done as they go. So long as the mechanics are nice and tight, surely players can excuse a drip-fed story for a little while. Although the larger narrative arc is pretty clear from the outset: maybe fix that busted shrink ray before you die? You know, if you can get around to it. Also there appear to be aliens of an undetermined size lurking in your backyard.

The new trailer also goes into greater detail regarding some of the survival stuff you’ll be digging into. Ok, so there’s not a ton of stuff, but we get a good look at some of the structures you’ll be constructing. Things like (relatively) massive home bases, complete with workshop space. We also saw some quick glimpses of the weapons we’ll be wielding against… the ants and whatnot. You’ll have a tiny bow and arrow! Grounded is set for release on July 28th, 2020.