Pentiment Explores the Possibility of a Switch Release with Xbox Developer

Keeping Our Fingers Crossed for Pentiment

We know that Xbox aims to make gaming more accessible, keeping this goal in mind, we got some interesting news today. Josh Sawyer, the studio design director of Obsidian Entertainment has finally given his response regarding the idea of releasing Pentiment on the Nintendo Switch.


While speaking to ToachArcade, he mentioned that there’s nothing that would prevent it “technologically” being on Switch. As for his own personal opinion, he would love to see the game on as many platforms as possible. Here is what he said:

“I think it’s possible. I think because of the Steam Deck, a lot of people immediately ask, could this be on Switch? I think that there’s nothing that would prevent it technologically from being on Switch. I would love the game to be on as many platforms as possible, but time will tell.”

Critics praised the game when it originally launched on Xbox, PC, and Game Pass. Even Pure Xbox awarded it 9 out of 10 with the following review:

“Pentiment is one of the most unique and clever games we’ve played in a very long time. It may be the fabulous art style that first draws you to this one, and it really is quite the looker, but it’s actually the very obvious care that’s been poured into the narrative and the exacting detail in every aspect of the world-building here that ends up selling the whole thing so well.

With a story that really goes some places, tons of history to learn about, lots of fantastic characters to meet, and plenty of fun and surprises along the way, this is one medieval murder mystery you should absolutely check out as soon as it hits Xbox Game Pass.”