Obsidian Entertainment Job Listing Suggests New RPG

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Sometimes we get news about unannounced games from leaks. Sometimes from Easter Eggs. Sometimes developers do it on their own through professional, technical means such as job listings and hiring. Obsidian Entertainment, who is currently approaching the release of their upcoming game The Outer Worlds, is apparently starting a new project already. According to an Obsidian Entertainment job listing on Linkedin, their next venture is the “next great multi-platform RPG.” To be honest though, that doesn’t really sound any different from any of their other games.

Obsidian Entertainment Job Lisiting

Let’s see; Fallout: New Vegas (RPG), Pillars of Eternity I & II (RPG), South Park: The Stick of Truth (RPG), The Outer Worlds (RPG). You get the picture; they’re an RPG developer. That’s not a bad thing. People love those games. Play to your strengths, I always say. Now the question is what game will we be getting? Will it be a sequel to any of the above games? Probably not and here’s why. There is a whole list of positions that Obsidian is hiring for. If it were a sequel to say, The Outer Worlds, they would probably keep the same team on for the next one, not bring on new people.

Obsidian is looking for a Combat Designer, Engine Programmer, Financial Analyst, Lead Narrative Designer, Graphics Programmer, Gameplay Programmer, UI Programmer, Network Programmer, Lighting Artist, Character Animator, and User Interface Artist. Obviously, we that doesn’t tell us what game we will see, but I think we can bet on a new IP or something new for Obsidian. In more short-term Obsidian news, The Outer Worlds will be out on October 25th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with a Nintendo Switch release down the line.

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Source: Linkedin