Len’s Island Unveils Its Full Release Roadmap

Len’s Island Is About to Transform

The indie game developer Flux Studio has announced the Full-Release Roadmap for Len’s Island today. It unveils four upcoming major updates in the next 9 months along with the launch dates for exciting features. This included co-op multiplayer, a new Arctic world, harvest moon events, and the integration of language support.

The first update will come out in late November this year, followed by two major updates in December 2023 and March 2024. Furthermore, the full release of the game will launch in July 2024.

Len's Island

Summary of Updates

Harvest Moon Update (Releasing 22nd November 2023)

This update will bring a brand-new gameplay experience. Players will be able to harvest high-yield crops and resource mining at super speed as the moon lights up the night sky. Be very careful though because you never know what is lurking in the darkness.

Players will also need to defend mining outposts and farms with new ballista and cannon towers. They can level up the towns to collect gold and unlock unique features such as hunting rabbits, a new portal system, and more.

Languages Update (Releasing December 2023)

The game will introduce support for multiple languages alongside Steam Deck support and new farming content. This will mark the first round of localization support and there are plans to integrate more languages in the future.

Frozen Lands Update (Releasing March 2024)

This major update will bring a new Arctic world to the map. With the addition of this new world, there’s a long list of new content. Players will get to build a sled to travel, fight new bosses, upgrade weapons, discover new animals and so much more.

Full-Release (Launching July 2024)

The full release will launch between July and August 2024. There are more details to follow but for now, the developer has announced that there will be a new co-op multiplayer mode and hardcore mode.