Watcher of Realms Presents Guild War Gameplay in New Trailer

Next-Gen RPG 

Everyone loves a hero. Sometimes, more than one hundred can be just what a gamer needs. Especially when those heroes can engage in war between guilds. Today, Moonton is happy to give players a new look at their next-gen mobile RPG’s, Watcher of Realms, Guild War game mode. Importantly, the game invites players to a fantasy world where the collection of heroes from different factions is key. A press release provides more details about the game’s Guild War mode. Additionally, players can check out a trailer for the game to see the gameplay. 

Watcher of Realms

Watcher of Realms is a hero-collecting RPG that allows players to construct a party of their own design. In charge of an encampment of heroes, players will quest across the continent of Tya as they aim to defeat ancient gods. However, there is more than fighting NPC enemies. The game features many other quests and activities to do besides the campaign of the game. 

Importantly, once commanders clear Campaign H5-14 and join a Guild that is above level 4, they participate in a Guild War. Interestingly, Guild Wars pit guilds against one another in a weeks-long endeavor to defend their own settlement and attack rival guilds. Commanders will garrison their heroes from their guild, where a hero’s death results in the guild fortification losing HP. Launching attacks, on the other hand, attacks are launched using a resource known as demon soldiers. Of course, defeating enemy guilds will give the winning guild experience and reputation points to climb ranks. 

Check out the game’s trailer for a glimpse of what awaits in Watcher of Realms. 

Watcher of Realms is available now for mobile on Google Play and the Apple Store for free. Additionally, the game can be downloaded at the game’s website