Super Mario 64 Speedrunners Achieve the ‘Holy Grail’

Super Mario World 64 Speedrunning World Has Been Transformed

The world of Super Mario 64 speedrunning has recently witnessed a momentous achievement, akin to finding the ‘holy grail’ of techniques. This remarkable discovery has the potential to propel speedrunners to finally achieve sub-1:37 times in their quest for 120-star runs.

The technique in question revolves around bypassing the notoriously slow carpet ride required to secure the ‘Big House in the Sky’ star in Rainbow Ride. ‘Carpetless’ runs have been a tantalizing possibility since 2009, yet until recently, no one had managed to successfully integrate this technique into a full run, resulting in any significant time reduction. However, that has all changed now.

A groundbreaking route has been unveiled, featuring runners executing a precise triple jump and wall kick combination up the side of the central house. It’s an intricate maneuver, demanding both precision and skill. However, one talented speedrunner, known as Karinpune, has flawlessly executed this technique, securing the first-ever sub-1:37 all-stars run with an astonishing time of 1:36:48.5, as confirmed by In the past, players often found themselves fiddling with Mario’s squishy home screen face at this point in their runs.

Prior to the discovery of this innovative technique, the 120-star record was held by the speedrunner Weegee with a time of 1:37:35. However, Karinpune is one of three runners who have since surpassed this record thanks to the ingenious wall-jumping maneuver. The accompanying video by Karl Jobst delves into the history of ‘Carpetless’ runs and demonstrates the perfected technique in action.

Super Mario 64 speedrunning is a fiercely competitive arena, and thus, finding a method to slash nearly a full minute off previous records is a monumental accomplishment. Achieving a 120-star run in under 1:37 had long been deemed unattainable, leaving us with much anticipation about how far this groundbreaking technique can be pushed in the future to further lower those record times. You can witness Karinpune’s full, record-breaking run below, a testament to the dedication and innovation of the Super Mario 64 speedrunning community.