Stranger Things and Football Manager Join Game Pass

Stranger Things and Journey to the Savage Planet Joining Game Pass

As part of the recent Inside Xbox event, multiple new titles were announced for the Game Pass subscription service. Part of the upcoming 2020 lineup of games coming to Game Pass include Football Manager 2020 and Stranger Things 3: The Game. Some of the more recently added titles that Game Pass subscribers are enjoying are NieR: Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition, Overcooked! 2, with the latter available on both Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. Game Pass Ultimate is a full bundle that includes Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass at the cost of $10 per month.


Among the announced titles on the recent Inside Xbox event were new titles coming to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. Journey to the Savage Planet and Alvastia Chronicles will be joining the console version of the subscription, with Mistover, Football Manager 2020 and Alvastia Chronicles joining the PC version this year. These announcements give gamers an idea of where the Xbox gaming subscription service is going this year as they constantly evolve it.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers have already been enjoying NieR: Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition and Totally Reliable Delivery Service this month, with both titles providing vastly different gameplay experiences. Journey to the Savage Planet will bring an upbeat and colorful adventure to the Xbox version of Game Pass on April 9th, while Football Manager 2020 will let PC gamers build their ultimate soccer, aka footy, kingdom.


Alvastia Chronicles is a retro style RPG that will scratch the oldschool Final Fantasy itch for fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming roster of Final Fantasy games joining Game Pass. Fans of this Exe-Create developed title will also be able to enjoy it on PC Game Pass later this year. Finally, PC Game Pass subscribers will also be getting Mistover, a high stakes and mystical RPG with a heavy emphasis on exploration.

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Source: Press release