Big Changes Are Coming to the Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is Switching Things UpĀ 

Microsoft has announced that they are going to be making significant changes to how quests work for the Xbox Game Pass. Quests give players the opportunity to gain points through playing games and earning achievements within the games that they play. The more customers play games and complete achievements the more Microsoft Reward Points they receive. Unfortunately, these reward points were not worth all that much because there were not very many things they could be used on. Thankfully, this is all about to change.

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Microsoft has now made it much easier to get reward points for playing games. There are now going to be around 90 different daily, weekly, and monthly challenges offered to players. These challenges will then of course change every month. Some challenges will be exclusive to individual games like GTA V. But the majority of the new challenges are going to be able to be finished in just about any game.

Achievements are a huge deal within games. Giving players a goal to work towards is a sure-fire way to hook someone. Battle Passes in Fortnite or PUBG, for instance, do a great job of keeping people coming back for more.

Players can now use these points on entering contests to win new games or even consoles. You can also use them to get the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free. Now there is actually a reason to grind out and play games. We should not be surprised if we see other subscription services adopt this new kind of system.

Microsoft might not have done as well as they wanted this generation. But it is undeniable that the Xbox Game Pass is one of the best deals out there.