Grounded Super Duper Update Adds the Meanest Bugs

Buzz Off!

Obsidian Entertainment has released perhaps the biggest update so far. The Super Duper Update improves base-building and adds a new enemy type to Grounded. The developers released a quick video running down the most important additions. Players will also be able to decorate their base, but not without purpose. Fashion and function.

Starting with the base-building, there are several new functions. In Creative Mode, players can now press and hold building buttons to build multiple tiles or walls in one action. You can also use the Handy Gnat to fly around and build more freely and more intricate structures.


In Grounded, your base will now have a Coziness level. While it is fun just to have a nice place, your Cozy level also gives players different buffs in proximity to their base. Depending on what kind of structures your base has, you can have increased healing, decreased hunger or thirst rate, and others. Making your house feel like a home will really make you feel better.

Wasps. Nobody likes them. In the Super Duper Update, you can now find wasp hives, which if disturbed will unleashed those horrible bugs. Players can also find the Wasp Nest and challenge the Wasp Queen. Beating this new boss will unlock more crafting recipes.

Grounded is also adding the Super Duper. It’s not just an update title; it is a computer. It is a device that can duplicate high tier equipment and items. In order to use it, you will have to find Duper upgrade discs. It consumes raw Science to function, so be sure to stockpile that.

The Super Duper Update is now live. Grounded is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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