Accessibility and QoL Update for Capcom Fighting Collection Out Now

A Fair Fight

Today, the Capcom Fighting Collection is getting an update. It mainly focuses on quality of life improvements and accessibility features. A complete list of fixes can be found on their website, but we will highlight some of the more interesting ones here.

The different games that make up the Capcom Fighting Collection include titles from Darkstalkers, Street Fighter, and some puzzle games. The nature of the collection means that not every feature will apply to each individual game. One of the new features is color-coded latency for online matches. This feature applies to all online games in the collection.

Capcom Fighting Collection

For the fighting games, players will be able to turn on visible hit boxes. If you have ever thrown a fit because a punch didn’t connect when you thought it should, turn this on. You will be able to see exactly where you can hit a character. Pixel perfect punches every time.

For the puzzle and gem games, there is now an option to turn on a new variety of gem colors. This is likely a colorblindness accessibility option to help better distinguish the gems. There are also a bunch of game-specific additions, such as training options and minor fixes.

Capcom Fighting Collection is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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