Elder Scrolls Online Receiving Crossplay

Elder Scrolls Online Getting Crossplay Between PC, Mac and Stadia

Elder Scrolls Online developers Zenimax Online recently confirmed with Forbes that the MMORPG will be receiving crossplay for PC, Mac and Google Stadia upon its launch. A spokesperson said that the crossplay will work similarly to Elder Scrolls Online and how it already allows PC players who use Steam and those who use the game’s own launcher to play together on the same servers. There’s no current word on whether or not this feature will be coming to PS4 or Xbox One but the developers are aware that their community is requesting it. Elder Scrolls Online’s most recent expansion is known as Elsweyr and it’s available for all aforementioned platforms now.

Elder Scrolls Online

Though Elder Scrolls Online won’t be among the first wave of games available to Stadia Pro subscribers, Zenimax Online plans to support it as much on the platform as they do on PC and Mac. Implementing crossplay between the three platforms will give the developers an idea of how well the community will gravitate towards the feature and what kind of traffic their servers can expect before implementing consoles into the crossplay metrics. During E3 2019, Zenimax Online Creative Director Rich Lambert specifically stated that the team is aware of the community’s interest in crossplay and this is their first step towards reaching that goal.

Elder Scrolls Online won’t be available for Google Stadia on launch, but Zenimax Online intends to release the MMORPG on that platform later in 2020. The spokesperson confirming the crossplay didn’t give details on how it will function with Stadia, but it’s likely similar to how the Steam and ESO launcher model that PC and Mac crossplay is following. Elsweyr brought player housing to ESO so we’re looking forward to showing our friends through crossplay our beautiful abode when the feature is implemented.

What’s your favorite ESO class to play as and will that change with the crossplay feature bringing you and your friends closer together? Are you hoping crossplay comes to Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 and Xbox One or do you prefer another MMO? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Forbes