Diablo Immortal Is Distinct from Other Diablo Titles

Diablo Immortal Won’t Hinder or Be Hindered by Diablo IV

During a recent interview, Lead Game Designer Wyatt Cheng said Diablo Immortal will stand on its own from other Diablo titles. Though the game shares many similarities and the obvious likeness of the Diablo franchise, Immortal influenced much by Diablo IV. Wyatt Cheng wants to make Diablo Immortal as fun as a Diablo game for mobile can be and is waiting until the game fits Blizzard quality levels before releasing it for iOS and Android. According to lead game producer Caleb Arseneaux, the mobile Diablo title was held back from the opening ceremonies of BlizzCon this year to avoid confusion with the unveil of Diablo IV.

Diablo Immortal

“The Diablo IV team is straight down the hall. We bump into each other in the break room all the time. There’s definitely this shared understanding that we’re working on the same universe. But we also make the best decisions that we can for our game. My responsibility is to make sure that Diablo Immortal is as fun as it can be,” said Wyatt Cheng. “Sometimes that involves doing something that’s actually very similar to what Diablo IV is doing, and sometimes it involves doing something different. We don’t go out of our way to be the same or different. We just make the best decisions we can for our game. I’ll bounce ideas off of them, if I’m working on a problem, and they’ll give me their feedback. Then we’ll make decisions for our game.”

When talking about opening ceremonies at BlizzCon 2019, lead game producer Caleb Arseneaux said, “I think it was just a matter of focus and avoiding confusion. We wanted Diablo IV to have its own time, to have everyone be able to focus on that awesome reveal. We’re launching this huge thing. We wanted to give that team some space to be able to really tell their story. It was just about avoiding that confusing message of having a bunch of Diablo up there from a couple different games.”

Do you think it was a wise decision to hold back Diablo Immortal from the opening ceremonies this year at BlizzCon or did you want to see more of the mobile title? Do you think the team will succeed in making Immortal both fun and unique from other Diablo titles? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GamesBeat