Blizzard is Enthusiastic About Crossplay for Diablo IV

Blizzard is Working on Supporting Crossplay for Diablo IV

According to Diablo IV executive producer Allen Adham, the development team is working on the logistics of implementing crossplay into Diablo IV. The game will have more of a shared open world than previous Diablo titles, including events and world bosses that gamers can team up with to overcome. Diablo IV has no set release date yet but it’s expected on current-gen hardware while Diablo 3 is available for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac and the Nintendo Switch.

Diablo IV

“We’re very excited about crossplay. There are technical details and details to work through with the first parties, but it’s our goal to get to crossplay,” said Allen Adham. Because Activision Blizzard has experience making crossplay happen with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it’s likely that Allen Adham will succeed in achieving crossplay for Diablo IV. “We have nothing to announce with cross-play, but that is a topic that we are interested in.” Though he denies anything is officially planned, we hope the socially driven experience is enhanced with crossplay.

Diablo IV will be getting way more towns to explore and NPC’s to talk to than previous installments, bringing even more for action RPG fans to explore together. The game does require a constant online connection apparently but we’re sure the solo player experience will still be quality to anyone who prefers that kind of experience. Diablo Immortal is confirmed to be receiving post-launch content and it’s likely the upcoming Diablo sequel will receiving support beyond launch as well. Crossplay would provide opportunities for groups to encounter each other in the same shared world more frequently so we see the appeal in the feature for Diablo IV.

Are you excited to game Diablo IV with your friends on other consoles and PC or are you skeptical that it will happen? Which of the confirmed classes are you more excited to play as in the upcoming Diablo sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PCGamesN