Diablo IV Brings More Towns and NPC’s to Chat With

Diablo IV Has More Interactive NPC’s and Over 100 Towns

Creative Director Sebastian Stępień recently unveiled during the Diablo IV “World and Lore” panel at BlizzCon 2019 that this Diablo title will feature over 100 towns with far more NPC’s to interact with than previous titles and a more grounded story. A key focus of Diablo IV is to interact with citizens/NPC’s from all over the several towns and villages scattered through the massive open world to uncover more of the story as the Eternal conflict affects the lives of the people in the world. Diablo IV has no set release date as of now but Blizzard intends to release it on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC when it’s ready.

Diablo IV

“We want to bring back this very very specific vibe that makes Diablo unique and it’s not only about darkness, so this is very, very important for us because it impacts almost every layer of the game, every aspect,” said Sebastian Stępień. “The first thing is the story. We want to make a much more grounded story than in Diablo III. And we think that the best way to deliver this story is to give you a possibility to discover stories of simple folks.”

“We would like to focus on those simple stories, the Eternal conflict that is going on even here. So it’s not about big heroes, it’s not about politics, kings, or any other high fantasy themes. It’s about those guys and as a reference, you can think about Wirt from Diablo I or Marius from Diablo II,” continued Sebastian Stępień. Apparently Diablo IV is going for the tone and feel of Diablo I & II while telling the story in a modernized way which is definitely something we can get behind. Though it requires online to play, the World Bosses and other random events should make gaming with others in Diablo IV more seamless than the other titles. ”

Which Diablo title have you enjoyed the most so far and are you excited that Diablo IV is going for the classic tone of the franchise? What do you expect from the world and lore of the newest Diablo? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech