Blizzard Job Openings Hint at Diablo IV Development

We All Knew it was Coming, Now We Know it’s Being Worked on

Concept idea: E3 becomes just a big job fair. Games are announced by developers’ job openings. The way we are now is just a showfloor change away from that. Projects being unofficially revealed via job postings is nothing new. Just under a month ago, job postings suggested new Titanfall and Star Wars games in development. The latest the job opening/game reveal trend is the follow-up to Blizzard’s Diablo III, Diablo IV. It does not specifically say “Diablo IV”, but the “unannounced project” is categorized under Diablo. Such phrases as “The Diablo team” and “gothic fantasy of Diablo” also kind of spell it out for us.

Diablo IV

The stand-out job opening is for a Quest Designer. Hopefully, the people applying for the job will stay far away from escort missions. There are a bunch of other job postings from Blizzard. What suggests Diablo IV and not Diablo: Some Spin-off, is that Diablo: Immortal is already its own category. Instead of putting it under the more broad banner of Diablo, it is separate, and Diablo IV is technically unannounced, so it fits the description. Most of the jobs for this “unannounced” Diablo game are concept art, UI artists, and VFX artists. I think it suggests early work, and for a game that hasn’t even been announced yet, that fits. Plus, would Blizzard put out back-to-back spin-offs for Diablo?

This move comes after Blizzard expands their “career crossroads” severance package to developer teams in the company. This package was originally offered as a way to cut costs for Blizzard. Now, with more projects starting up, it seems like a very back-and-forth situation of employment, don’t you think?

Do you think this “unannounced project” is Diablo IV? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Digital Trends