Modern Warfare PC Details and How Crossplay Works

Modern Warfare Crossplay Separates by Peripherals and the PC Port Has Serious Power

Multiplayer design director Joe Cecot goes into detail on how crossplay works in Modern Warfare, explaining the matchmaking is based on peripheral choice so gamers using gamepads will be matched together in multiplayer lobbies and people who use keyboard and mouse will be joined. Gamers with a gamepad looking to play with their PC friends will be able to opt-in to their lobbies if they’re looking for a true challenge. Joe Cecot also confirmed once gamers are in a match, they cannot change their peripheral for an upper hand and once you’ve locked in your choice, those are your controls for the match. Developers at Infinity Ward are building the PC port of the game with expensive gaming rigs in mind, making sure it has an FOV slider and uncapped framerates.

Modern Warfare Crossplay

Activision wants to make sure Call of Duty: Modern Warfare doesn’t just feel like a half-baked port of the console version on PC which has HDR and multi-screen support for all of you who have three monitors. Not only is it graphically fully optimized but the controls will be more customizable than previous installments in the franchise. The control scheme focuses on simplifying keybindings, rebindable inputs and more mouse options.Infinity Ward is getting help optimizing the PC port from Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled developer Beenox

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